Why Choose Us

Harnessing the power of AI, nScription offers a new level of audio transcription precision. Whether you need to transcribe audio from your microphone, capture content from the vastness of the internet, or work with local recordings, nScription is your go-to solution.

Transcription Source Local & Online Audio/Video Local Audio only
Automatic Translation*
Languages Supported Over 100 Languages ~1-100 languages only
Security & Privacy Files not always stored locally
Customer Support
Accuracy Up to 99.9% Variable
Offline capabilities Can be used offline** Online only
Hours of transcription infinity Limited hours per month
*Translation currently only supports translation to English
**Internet access is required to validate your license


Our policy is to create open and accessible software for all, that is why we place no limits on your transcription. With nScription the sky is the limit in terms of language, usage, speed, and accuracy.


No Limits Transcription

Transcribe as many files as you need with any format from across the web or your own PC! All with one single price!


Language Agnostic

Transcribe audio from any language and even get automatic translation to English on the fly.


Transcribe any file

nScription can transcribe from local files or from online sources like Youtube and Soundcloud.


Security & Confidentiality

All audio and video files remain on your PC. Your transcripts never leave your PC. That means only you get to keep your data!.


Many Export Options

Export the results of your transcription to your clipboard, Word file (.docx), PDF file, or txt file!

System Requirements

For our more accurate transcription options there is a small hardware requirement for you to get the best experience. This is especially relevant if you are going to use GPU acceleration. Please check the requirements table to ensure you get the smoothest experience possible with nScription

Accuracy Required VRAM in GPU mode Relative Speed
Standard ~1 GB 4x
High ~1 GB 2x
Max ~2 GB 1x


Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
$4.99 / Month paid Monthly $2.99 / Month paid Annually $119 Pay once, own forever